OmniChannel Marketing Competition

Client: AcuRite Digital Marketing Competition

Fifteen teams at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 8th Annual Regional Conference from all over the U.S. were given a hint about the competition's topic prior to the conference. At the conference, each team had one hour to develop a presentation on one brand within the consumer electronics industry showcasing best-in-class omnichannel approach.


  • Research omnichannel best practices in the consumer electronics industry. 
  • Develop a 10 minute presentation addressing how the brand of choice reaches its customers, and the cohesive experience/messaging across different-platforms, devices, and mediums.


My teammate, Dolan Guhin, and I developed and presented a slide deck discussing how omnichannel marketing saved Best Buy's business and how the company effectively implements an omnichannel approach to all of it's strategies.


  • Effectively demonstrated our knowledge of the omnichannel approach and how it is implemented to a panel of judges.
  • Won 1st place in the competition, including a $800 cash prize.