The International Internship Placement Process

In the next few weeks, I will begin the placement process for the IES Study Abroad program as I find a marketing internship in Dublin, Ireland over the next summer. I know that the interviewing process can be very nerve-wracking for just about everyone, but having to do those with employers overseas just opens up another set of possible issues. So, as I go through this placement process, I am bound to learn a lot about what it takes to find a job overseas, and what I am capable of pushing myself to do.

What I am most excited about

One thing that I am very happy about with this process, is that IES will pair me up with a few different possible internships, based on my past experiences and goals. I think this is a really great offering that IES has, because it allows me to find the perfect fit and makes it more than just any old job. Because I will have the opportunity to meet with a few different employers and companies via Skype interviews before making a decision, I know I will be able to spend eight weeks doing something I really love.

Another part of the process that I’m excited about is the fact that the IES coordinators that are assigned are there to offer support in regards to questions about the culture in general, and how that may affect the interview process. It will be very nice to have someone to provide feedback about what questions to avoid asking the employers, what to expect during the interview, and typical follow-up timelines in Ireland.

I'm looking forward to experiencing the Dublin rainy days once again. 

I'm looking forward to experiencing the Dublin rainy days once again. 

What I am most nervous about

I don’t have many things I’m nervous about for this placement process. I think I’m just overflowing with excitement, that I’m ready for whatever comes my way. I guess if I had to chose something, I think everyone gets nervous during interviews. I’ve been preparing for interviews for several years now, but you just never know when something will catch you off guard and make you start stuttering your way through interview answers—especially when those interviews happen over video conference calls and awkward silences are bound to happen. How do I plan to overcome being nervous? Lots of practice. :D

My ideal internship placement

When I think about the type of internship that I’d like to find in Dublin, I visualize many things. First and foremost, I am hoping that the position may allow me to work with a sustainable and/or socially responsible company. In the last few years, I’ve found that one of my other passions besides marketing is finding sustainable solutions for companies that ensure that future generations will still be able to enjoy this planet’s natural resources. The environmental and sustainability courses I have taken here at the university have really opened my eyes to the ecological crisis we have on our hands. Because I made the decision to get a psychology minor along with my marketing degree, I didn’t really have the option to take on the requirements for a sustainability certificate at the University of Iowa. That is why I’m hoping that I can add in as many co-curricular activities involving sustainability as possible while I earn my undergraduate education.

I am very interested in working in the retail industry, and I’m hoping that the company that I intern for will be small or medium sized. This is because I’m hoping to build solid connections with employers and colleagues during my internship, which may help with my job search when I make the move to Ireland for a graduate degree. I feel that these connections may not be as possible if I were to work for a very large company with hundreds of employees. Also, I am hoping that by interning at a smaller sized company, it will be more likely that the culture of the company is very innovative and nontraditional—something I look forward to experiencing.

Overall, I don’t have many requests for daily job tasks in the marketing internship position. I just hope that I will not be assigned a sales position (that icky word), and I hope that I will get the chance to enhance my skills in marketing, whether that be through research, management, social media, or analytics.

So, that’s it for this week. I look forward to what this placement process brings!

Sheoladh chugam ádh!
(Wish me luck!)