Goals During an Internship in Dublin

As part of our Global Internship Preparation Course at the Tippie College of Business, we have been asked to define our goals for our upcoming internships in Dublin, Ireland. This process has really helped me define what I want to get out of this experience, and will allow me to measure how well I accomplished these goals when I return back to the United States. It was necessary to make each statement a SMART goal, as you will see outlined below.

Personal Development

(The process of expanding my potential and becoming more aware of myself, thoughts, and emotions)

By the end of my internship, I will become more knowledgeable about the skills required to live within Irish culture after graduation, such as gaining a sense of independence, finding resources in Ireland on a day-to-day basis, navigating throughout the city, and knowing what I’m capable of accomplishing in a foreign country on my own. 

S (specific): independence, daily resources, city navigation
M (measurable): ability to navigate through the city and find resources
A (attainable): is somewhat possible to gain in two months if done right
R (relevant): relevant to my post-graduate goals and personal goals
T (time-based): by the end of my internship

Professional Development

(Building knowledge and skills, developing personal qualities necessary to be effective in the workplace)

Within 8 weeks, I will develop a professional network of colleagues and employers in Ireland and the ability to comfortably work within the Irish working environment while adapting to unique Irish cultural and business norms in order to prepare me for a marketing career in Dublin post-graduation. 
S (specific): professional network of colleagues and employers, Irish cultural and business norms
M (measurable): the ability to comfortably work and preparation for post-graduate career
A (attainable): possible things to accomplish during internship
R (relevant): during global internship, relevant to post-graduate goals
T (time-based): 8 weeks

Cross-Cultural Understanding/Global Mindset

(The experiences I can seek in order to become more culturally aware and boost my Global IQ)

During my internship, I will immerse myself in Irish culture in efforts to increase my global viewpoint of the country by attending traditional music events, going to Gaelic sporting events, trying traditional Irish foods, conversing with locals, reading Irish newspapers, and visiting Irish historical museums and exhibitions. 

S (specific): music, Gaelic sports, food, locals, news, history
M (measurable): can be measured by occurrence of these specific goals
A (attainable): possible to do these things on the weekend during the internship, all can be scheduled during the summer
R (relevant): relevant to my post-graduate goals and internship
T (time-based): during internship (8 weeks)

Strengths and Weaknesses as Advantages

My biggest strengths are that I am an achiever and that I have a passion for learning. I set high goals for myself and I feel satisfaction from accomplishing those goals. Often times, my days are not fulfilled unless I feel I have made some sort of progress that day. I am also someone who loves to immerse myself in situations that are out of my comfort zone, and that challenge myself. I like to learn things from people that have different perspectives than my own. 

My weaknesses are that I have little experience in large data analytics and sales. I tend to have a very negative view of sales, but realize that it is critical to work with sales if I desire a career in marketing. I did have experience in sales when I co-owned a business, as I often had to pitch and sell our services and products. I have been working at gaining experience in analytics by working in the behavioral research lab at the Tippie College of Business. I over the next 18 months, I’ll be conducting research and analyzing the data for interpretation. 

I feel I can use my strengths to my advantage during this internship by using my passion to accomplish goals and learn from new perspectives to gain knowledge about the Irish culture and workplace norms. I also know that I will strive to complete whatever task is handed to me during the internship, and this drive will help my experience be successful within the workplace. My weakness in sales can be worked on during this internship, provided I am placed with a company that allows me to do so. 

Incorporating 1-year and 5-year goals Into the Internship

In one year I hope to be finishing my senior year of college, as well as an honors research thesis project in marketing. I hope to have made arrangements to apply to graduate school at the UCD Smurfit College of Business in Dublin for a MSc in Marketing degree. I also hope to have some sort of lead on a job in Dublin, although I suspect I may take six months off after my undergraduate degree to save up money for the big move to Ireland. 

I've been very excited about the UCD Smurfit College of Business since I visited with the admissions team last winter. I can't wait to attend for a graduate degree!

I've been very excited about the UCD Smurfit College of Business since I visited with the admissions team last winter. I can't wait to attend for a graduate degree!

In five years, I hope to have finished my graduate degree and have begun a career in marketing, with a secure salary. I do want a career in international brand management, so I’m leaving my preferred location in five years open. I would like to have a job where I travel, and gain experience working with different cultures.

My summer internship in Dublin will majorly affect my one-year and five-year goals. The internship will allow me to gain experience working in Irish norms and will enhance my global knowledge. It will also allow me to make connections with employers and colleagues while I’m interning, which will be vital to my post-graduate goals. 

So, now that I've made all of these public, let's see if I actually accomplish them! It will be a great journey. 

Go n-éirí on bóthar leat.
(May the road rise to meet you.)